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Who I am?

Welcome to my world of transformation, empowerment, and boundless energy. I'm Chelsea, a multifaceted energy practitioner on a relentless journey to awaken audacious visionaries and provoke insightful conversations that reverberate through masses. My purpose is simple yet profound: to disrupt the status quo, broaden horizons, and expose the universe to novel ideas and perspectives.

A Journey From Suppression to Liberation

My life's journey wasn't always bathed in the light of empowerment. Raised amidst suppression and silence, I learned to be unseen and unheard. The shadows of physical, mental, and verbal abuse cast a heavy veil over my existence. I existed in survival mode, preemptively hurting others before they could hurt me, all the while carrying an abyss of hatred for the world. This hatred, however, eventually consumed me, manifesting as diseases and disorders that threatened my very being.

The Turning Point: Rebirth Through Adversity

The pivotal moment of my life arrived on my 31st birthday, marked by a life-saving surgery. This event acted as a catalyst, propelling me towards a path of self-discovery and truth. Amidst the ashes of my past, my dormant spiritual abilities reawakened, urging me to take a leap of faith. It was through the practice of Reiki that I started healing my energy, reclaiming my body, and embracing emotions long suppressed.

Theta Healing: Unleashing the Power Within

Yet, energy healing alone couldn't dissolve the deeply entrenched beliefs and patterns that bound me. Enter Theta Healing, a revelation that transformed my life. Through this transformative practice, I uncovered the virtues of sovereignty, respect, and humility, among others. With newfound tools in hand, I embarked on reshaping my reality, crafting a life where authenticity reigns supreme, truth finds its voice, and power resides within my very core.

A New Chapter: Service and Empowerment

Today, I stand as a testament to the profound impact of embracing one's journey unapologetically. My path of healing and self-discovery has led me to this moment of service, where I guide others through their own transformative odysseys. As an energy practitioner, I'm not just a healer; I'm a catalyst for change, a conduit for empowerment, and a beacon of audacity.

My mission is to illuminate the darkness, embolden the meek, and challenge the norms that confine us. Through my work, I hope to inspire you to unearth your hidden potential, awaken your dormant dreams, and cultivate a life where your energy radiates in its purest form.

Join me in this journey of self-rediscovery, empowerment, and authentic living. Let's shake the world together, exposing it to the infinite possibilities that lie within.

With audacious love and unwavering purpose,


the GOals

Unleash Your Authentic Self-Expression:
Harness your innate power to express yourself unapologetically. Stand with me to obliterate barriers, fearlessly sharing your thoughts and emotions. Together, we'll ignite connections, cultivating unshakeable communication that leaves an indelible mark.

Crush Limiting Beliefs and Patterns:
Join me on a relentless mission to obliterate deeply rooted beliefs that have confined you. Armed with transformational tools, we'll incite change, reshaping your perspective, conquering challenges, and reigniting your purpose like an unstoppable force.

Forge Inner Harmony and Healing:
Discover the arsenal of healing energy you wield within. Through unwavering guidance, I'll lead you to channel Reiki, Theta Healing, and more. Together, we'll shatter emotional barriers, unveiling the inner calm that is your birthright.

Navigate Life Transitions with Poise:
Strengthen your resolve to navigate life's tumultuous twists – be they personal or professional – with unwavering poise. Equip yourself with tools that preserve your identity and purpose as you emerge triumphant from change.

Unleash Your Unstoppable Empowerment:
Dive headfirst into your potential, rising above past traumas and societal chains. We'll join forces to cultivate a self-worth that empowers you to seize life's reins and shape your destiny with unassailable influence.

Our journey fuses transformation and compassion into an unstoppable force, fueled by your unwavering drive and my guiding presence. Anticipate clarity, exude confidence, and embrace a life that resonates with your unrelenting purpose.

Elevate Your Potential. Embrace Fierce Empowerment. Transform Your Journey.

coaching style

Brace yourself for a coaching style that's like a lightning bolt of empowerment. I'm here to dive into the depths with you, shaking up the ordinary and cracking open the door to your undeniable truth. Think of me as your partner in unearthing your potential – I'll be firing up questions that ignite your inner rebel and challenge the status quo.

Buckle up, because we're on a journey to dismantle the barriers that have been holding you back. I'm your enthusiastic cheerleader, armed with a truckload of empathy. Together, we'll smash through limitations, excavate your passions, and craft a path that's entirely you-shaped. It's time to shatter that comfort zone and stride into a life that's unapologetically yours. Get ready to harness your uniqueness and transform it into your greatest strength!

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